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The 11 Keys to a Successful Marriage

Keys to a Successful Marriage
The key to a successful marriage lies in your character and ability to know what your partner likes and dislikes.

In the present age we live in, there are so many broken homes and in fact, over 40% couple’s divorce every year.

God does not want divorce. Divorce is not a good thing in the eyes of God.

You can have a successful marriage if you apply the following tips in your marital life. This keys I believe, are things you know of, but you often neglect.

1. Learn to tolerate your husband

Your husband might offend you but do not pull heaven with your anger. Learn to tolerate him. Your maturity will keep your marriage. Don't get angry about little things. Nobody is perfect, understand that. Marriage is simply accommodating each other challenges or forthcoming.

2. Trust, no matter what!

Learn to trust your husband no matter what happens. Don't take heed to what anyone tells you about your husband.  Trust him even if you know he is wrong. If he does a bad thing (and you know about it), let him know your feelings. Make him know that he may destroy your family’s personality if even does not change his attitude.

Pro Tip: Trust is the foundation and the main key for a successful marriage. Build your marriage on trust.

3. Make ''I love you'' a part of your daily statement:

Make it a point of duty to tell your husband 'I love you'. Don't just say it casually. Say it as if you mean it.

Surprise your husband with love gifts. Be very creative and imaginative. Convey your love to him in words and in action. Convey to him that not only does he matter in your life, but you actually love him from the bottom of your heart. Tell him that he is all that matters to you.

Pro tip: Make your partner feel special.

4. Spend a quality amount of time together

If for instance, your husband wakes up from bed early, try to wake up with him. Have breakfast together. Make it a point of duty to make him sit and talk. Go on a bike ride with him. Take him out to the beach. Just find a way to bond and try to keep your husband happy all the time.

Pro Tip: Be with him from time to time. Sometimes, he might just like your companionship.

5. Appreciate your partner (husband)

Learn to say ''thank you’’ to your husband. Let him know that you really appreciate all that he has done for you and that you are proud of him.  Be his pillar of support. Be his cheerleader. Be interested in his profession.

6. Pray

Prayer is the main key to having a successful marriage. Learn to pray and intercede for your husband. Prayers can change the heart of a man even when it seems he is so stubborn.

7. Don't be rude - be patient

When your husband corrects you, keep quiet. Let him express his mind. Be always patient to listen to him. Be submissive!

8. Watch your words

No matter how rude or non-challant your husband may seem to be, don’t be forced to say negative words.

The words of our mouth are like seeds. They are very spiritual.  Note that a statement can destroy a 20 years marriage. So, use it wisely.

9. Let him be

Don't always choke your husband - give him time to be alone! At times, if he is in a quite mood; leave him alone. He might want some time to meditate.

10. Work on yourself

It is very important that you work on yourself too. If you know of any habits that annoys him, work on getting rid of them. If you make mistakes, admit it. Do not shout back at him.

Make him proud to be associated with you. Work on your skin, hair, and facial appearance to make him ''wow''.

Pro tip:  Dress up to honor him.

11. Do crazy things together

Cultivate a happy atmosphere in your home. Have a swim together.  Sometimes, have your bath with him (you can have great sex there if you want). Always look for ways to laugh together. Surprise him with crazy, amusing things.

Pro tip: A happy atmosphere does make a big difference in the success of a marriage. Almost every couple can have a successful marriage if they place it as their top no 1 priority. Avoid all the common marriage problems and make your relationship work forever. You just need to have willingness to do it.

Apply these tips, these are the main keys you need to have a successful marriage. Wishing you a happy and successful marriage life :-)

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