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How to Keep Your Man Interested In You Forever

Are you wondering how to keep your man interested? Well, getting a guy's attention is quite easy; however, the real challenge is usually keeping him interested.

Keep Your Man Interested

The big question is; does he need to be in love with you so as to achieve that? Well, yes and no. You just need confidence and courage and strategy to do that, in addition you don't have to do that directly. You only need to know how to make him develop a growing interest in you and things will flow.

Try to follow the below five tips to keep your man interested in you forever:

Tip No. 1. Analyze what you feel

Assuming that there is a guy whom you secretly admire but he is not aware of what you feel and think about him. Many people confuse love and lust not knowing that there is just a slight difference between these two. One common thing about the two is that they both start with a feeling of interest.

Take time to know where to base your feelings. If you feel that your relationship is based on more than physical attraction, then it will be easy to keep him interested. If not, start building a friendship; create a fondness that will last even after the initial lust is gone.

Tip No. 2. Simple acts of kindness

Keeping a guy interested goes beyond the bedroom. The general idea is usually to make him see a girl he can spend the rest of his life with. This means that you have to work hard and show kindness and generosity whenever you can.

Take the advantage of giving him space if he is out of the queue, when he asks for something and you happen to have it, be the generous person and give him. After all these little kind acts, he will have surely learnt something and may be interested to know you more deeply.

Tip No. 3 Ask him out sometimes

How long your relationship lasts will depend on how much work you put into it. Now that you know each other, make sure that he feels at ease with you. Ask him out like going to the beach or to a cinema, at least where it will be easy to make him learn your feelings bit by bit.

Whether you love him or lust for him the bottom line is you feel that you want to turn him on. Do not feel shy about playing the temptress and bringing back the original feelings of desire you both shared when you started dating. Dress in your fancy dress and show off what is hidden under your clothes to entice him.

The beach is a great place to achieve that since you will deliberately ask him to swim with you, and if he hesitates, there is no easier way to turn a guy on than to model a sexy bikini or some lingerie. Don't just ask him without touching him, he is your man.

Hold him by his arms or waist, talk softly and show in your face that a 'no' from him will really disappoint you. There are plenty of things you can do to corrupt his mind. Keep up the seduction and he will be around for a long while.

Tip No. 4. Have an indirect conversation that direct conversation

It is always wise to know what turns a guy off  to ensure that you don't sour this immature relationship. Don't fear that he may be irritated if you asked him such a thing.

You really don't have to ask him directly, but, rather you can have a discussion of what turns men off in general. Be keen about the points he tells you, since most of them will be based on what he personally doesn't like. Avoid doing those things he hates at all costs.

Tip No. 5 Talk about marriage

When you are sure that the man you are dating is a keeper, start talking about serious business such as marriage or settling down. However, be very tactical about it so that you won't sound like you are trying to force things.

Ask him about his long term goals. Try and show him that you are interested in settling down with him. Show him you are dependable, serious and committed. This is the best way to get a man to commit.

Those are five of the best tips on how to keep your man interested. If you follow them well, you will be having your happily ever after pretty soon.

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